10 November 2005

first snow

as i was walking back home from an afternoon of helping my dear friend candice plan a baby blanket and shop for wool, i saw my very first official snow of the season. big, dry but sparse flakes tumbled slowly from a bright sky, and i was kind of happy. now, some people like winter... and i am definitely not one of them. i'm not used to it, and although i think snow and blue skies are pretty, the biting, nipping brutal montreal wind just about wipes any happy glimpses of the winter terrain from memory with that scathing brain freeze. even if i could see my surroundings (read> it's so cold my eyelashes freeze together from my breath), the wind would come and drill its sharp little spikes through my layered hoods and hats and scarves and just nail me right between the eyeballs. it's really quite grotesque. but, as it is november, im hoping there will still be another chilly but clear and non bitter weeks before the long months of minus zero winter begin here.
winter here brings me pain and pleasure. it reminds me that i come from a temperate climate that i still cherish and miss profoundly. it reminds me that i have to plan layers and do more laundry and try and swathe myself in lotion. but it brings out the winter accessories, a walking gallery of knit fare that i can observe being pulled off in the metro and stir my technical curiosity. i've become a much more savvy knitter since moving here. i window shop the underground malls for inspiration and a little back-scratching knowing i can accomplish what that lady at the counter paid so much for.
it reminds me there is still a reason to knit socks and leg warmers, and it isn't just fashionable. it reminds me that mittens are far superior in warmth to gloves. it turns on my fireplace, and keeps the kettle on all day. i'm sure the winter here has made me more appreciative of my knitting, it has definitely given me more time to practice it.
i came home and pulled out a package of lace weight merino for a stole for a friend. i had kept it in its box, since although the color does suit her, it was not my favorite to drudge over when tastier items (such as the beloved mermaid below) were waiting. i carefully threaded an entire 28 gram tube of plain clear seed beads onto the lace weight and cast on 520 sts. i blissfully knit the first row, knowing that that is always the most bland part for me, not with the slightest annoyance at the continual pushing back of the beads. it's sitting here on my desk and i am ready to start it, for it is winter and the bright pinks and light blues will keep the spirits up. it will be ready for the spring thaw, light enough but warm enough for april, a perky few rows at a time.


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