27 November 2005

mermaid rebirth

so, i finally heard back from the mermaid retailers. the news makes me feel like a moron, and indeed, i am most likely just that. shetland 2ply (knits as 4 ply) just meant that the two ply is equivalent gauge to a four ply, not that it needed doubling. and the missing color?? it's there, it's just only slightly different from the other color. apparently it shows it's difference in the knitted product, not exactly in separate balls. i hope i can take a picture of it that can actually show you the difference in color of these yarns. i really don't think i'm color blind, but ben noticed the difference when i put it up to the dining room halogens. sigh. i want an ott-lite.

other than that, the snow is melting away and it's above zero again. i miss the japanese bookstores and knick knack shops in seattle, and have racked up a 200+ dollar wishlist on yesasia. not gonna happen, but i might slowly purchase them and send them to my stateside friends to bring up to me. or i might go down there and pick them up. problem being that when the snow comes out i won't be going to far, sigh. i don't know how to drive in the snow, and i am not courageous enough to want to learn how, lol.

i'm planning a lil hike down to upstate new york soon. ben and i need to get out a bit. i want to stop at saratoga springs for a bagel and a visit to saratoga needle arts, then down to albany to visit some friends, then maybe down to morehouse farms for something special. when/if i get this road trip finalized, local montreal knitters let me know if they want anything from these places, and i'll try to make arrangements!


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