12 November 2005

oh my, what a mess...


so my half finished mermaid, my joy and accomplishment for the last little while, must be foresaken. i must rip it all back. when i reached the begining of the back center gusset, i got a little nervous... i only had maybe a third of a ball of the stripe color left. this couldn't be happening. hanne's kits are clearly advertised as having plenty of wool for the largest size and then some.
when i first started the kit (the very day it arrived of course) i started knitting up a gauge swatch of the main color double stranded on the given needle size.
why double stranded??
because the online retailer i bought it from said so.
did it say so in the instructions?
no, but it did say "Yarn: No. 2 Shetland..." with the No 2 in bold. this being an english translation of danish instructions, i took this as a sign of the kit dealers project description. i still had my doubts however. my swatch was not knitting up to gauge and was a little more off than my swatches normally are. i ended up obtaining gauge by using needles a full mm smaller than given.
that's not a good sign, why'd you insist on double strands? well... because one of my kits (colorway 4) only included 2 colors. the same number of balls as the colorway 7, but only two colors. the mermaid takes 3 colors, and the third color (read> the missing color) was described as "Turquoise Mix," leading me to believe i was to use one strand of each color. and indeed in the pictures turquoise mix could be just that. but if i were to mix colors that would be two strands, and there was no way i was going to knit single stranded then double stranded for the stripes... that was just silly, so it must be a double strand pattern, just like the dealer had said...
well, after scrupulously double checking the blog photographs of other mermaid knitters (namely wendy of WendyKnits and sheila of nwkniterati) i noticed only single strands. i contacted the wonderful wendy and got a response i was not so eager to hear: single strands and looks like i'm missing a color. OUCH.
so my mum's beautiful mermaid will have to be frogged and rewound into balls (thank goodness i got a ball winder not too long ago) and i'll have to have a discussion with the company i bought the kit from, because they seem to have been confused about the pattern and contents. sigh, i hope this all goes well, and i don't cry too much while watching my beautiful work be diminished. looks like i won't be surprising my mum with the prized jacket until after the new year.
more later.


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