22 November 2005

ufo landing

so, let's play a little game of catch up. since last, i have finished one of the mermaids sleeves and started the other, i have started socks out of the pretty dirty pink koigu that wasn't enough to finish a tank top, gone to my first montreal knits get together, and i have managed to spread my knitting glory (benjamin might call it obsession, so be it) on most surfaces in our apartment. yarn on our desks, in bags on the living rooms floor, on the dining room table, in bags in the bedroom, a bag on the couch, a bag on the bar counter stool, a large bag in the laundry room, some hidden in the top shelves of the bookcases, oh and that whole bit 'on display' in a vase.

i love it, i can turn around and in any moment catch a glimpse of some soft bundle of love. the problem? the ufos are at an ultimate high, and if i don't get to them, it will only underline my lack of commitment and serve as fuel for the coming day (he can't be that patient) when someone might want to be able to sit down, or eat, or sleep on a yarn free surface. so i've begun listing my ufos... i'm sure this isn't all of them, but it will do for now.

*mum's mermaid finished 25 december
*dirty pink koigu "go with the flow" socks finished 28 november
*pink beaded stole for a friend
*brown lurex cropped sweater
*ribbed scarf finished 23 november
*'vintage' navy bolero
*cute j-bag
*orange sling bag
*ben's black socks finished 29 november

that's all i can remember. some i am not worried about. i will finish the mermaid (although the prospect of frogging previous work on this project is humiliatingly daunting, thank goodness for ball winders). i will finish the socks (just once i would like to make a pair that fit my feet, aka not get lazy near the end). the rest are not on such safe ground. the scarf is just silly, mindless knitting that i did on the metro, except for its too long and unruly to do that now. i will just have to take all of my more interesting projects out of my hands for an episode of six feet under and replace them with some rythmic *k1,p1* until its all done and ready for trim. the cropped sweater is a matter of biting the bullet and ripping out, for the third time, the neckline and redoing it with enough stitches... oh, and of course, it needs some sleeves. sleeves are the bane of my knitting career. the rest aren't high enough priority. when i finish the others i will reassess their status (that's hopeful, i'll probably forget after i complete one of them).

but since this is a new blog, i don't wnat to give the impression that i never finish anything. i have (thus far) survived the sweater curse, and made this lovely bundle of manly fabulousness (he didn't hear that) from rowans vintage style. it's beau in blue, and that's benjamin!

so the picture with the furry face i'm sure is not the most elegant picture of him, but it's the only one that shows the patterns simple yet effective design.

and i still have a huge desire to move into retailing yarn. i know this is probably one of every knitters dreams, but honestly i believe it could be one of the greatest sources of satisfaction in my life, and what else could one want from a career. financial security? working on that.

montreal knits was great fun. i really enjoyed watching everyone's projects, and it's nice to meet a group of like-obsessed people. it's too bad i can only make it on sundays, but, hey some is better than none.


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