09 December 2005

that slight sense of frustration

this week has gone fast, and not without hitting a few potholes. moday i tried to get myself organized for my upcoming french final (as well as do my essay last minute for class the next day, which also failed). i decided i wanted my french textbook (which is also a workbook mixed in) photocopied and bound like other students in my class. i know, i know, that has copyright infringement written all over it. but, honestly, in this case i couldn't care less. i bought the book, i can't return it, and i think it's great, but not great enough to buy two of so i can write all over one. when it comes to studying, when i pay 80 bucks for a textbook, i want the workbook to be seperate and at LEAST easy to write in. it's like A4 sized, 400 pages, paper cover with maybe a size 10 font throughout and lots of blue text. thing is, with this format, you have to clamp down one side of the book and hold the other size down with your elbow if you even want to fill in the blanks or highlight soemthing neatly. meh. not for 80 bucks. i've been re-writing my homework on separate sheets so i don't mess up this book, and so i can do the exercices again with a graded key for final exam revision. but no deal. no one will photocopy this sucker because of copyright laws, and i have even traveled to verdun (i live east of the village) to get it copied from a reliable source. well that source seems to be on indefinite holiday vacation, and has a website that is null.

so i've been frustrated. it's not just that though (usually i get over these things pretty quick). i was sick yesterday: chills, shaking, uncontrollable body temperature, this weird suffocation feeling and a stomach ache in the morning. right now, i feel pretty darn good, but yesterday i was in a major state of suck. i didn't get anything done, which is not fun, because i've been in rolling along very productively this week. oh well...

i did make it down to mouline (lys) to buy some 3.5 mm dpns. i came out with another pair of dpns too, some sale yarn and a nice stitch library book. pictures will come when ben recharges the unweildy beast of a digital camera we use. i like mouline, i really like svetlana (the owner) but it's a little hard for me to get comfortable in there, and i like to get comfortable... i'm one of those girls who could spend an entire day in a knitting store carefully planning my purchase and developing new ideas from stock. i don't go in and come out the same. so that was a pleasant highlight of the week. that, and eating soup and awesome grilled cheese with ben last night. he came home and took such good care of me (mind you, the worst was long gone, but still ^^)

i have this dream of opening a yarn store here. it's more than a dream, and i am really behind it 100%. montreal knitters desperately need more options. it seems, however, that there will probably be a new one here before i'm ready to play. great for montreal knitters, sad for me... i honestly feel a yarn store can be a great community builder, a knitting community space, an important resource for contact. you don't need so many as to get confused or conflicted, but you do need options. i'm not so sure montreal would be receptive to two new lys within the next 5 years. mouline is rather new itself (two years old, i believe).

and on with some frustration!

i love these pictures. i found them on someone else's blog and can't find my way back. i've been searching all morning for their owner, but alas...

if anyone can help please let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for future "copyright infringing" photocopying, try the shops around Concordia downtown, they've done it for me, and should still do it for you. MC Copy was my fave one to use because they were open late, and you could also use the basic machines yourself (the big specialised ones were behind the counter.)

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