15 January 2006

ikea in a get-away car!

we just returned from ikea. it was the usual frustration and over stimulation... contemplating on the worth and benefit of replications. we had decided to get a simple bed frame, something to elevate our plain slats off the floor. we picked a very popular, very ikea identifiable bed with a good price tag, picked up a huge mirror (we've been living with only a lil' mirror above our sink for 2 years now), some new pillows and curtains... we made it through the check out lines and decided that since it was atrociously cold, we would try cabbing ourselves and our purchases back home instead of waiting in the delivery line and waiting half an hour by the side of a freeway for the bus. much more comfortable the cab would be. ben had doubts about fitting our long purchases into a van cab, but it worked out marvellously and we made it home with our stuff in less than delivery costs (and without waiting all day for them to come). one thing though: one missing piece. not just a missing spatula or curtain rod finial, but the middle support beam for the bed. DOH! so, this 30 dollar piece is probably freezing outside waiting for someone to bring it back into the warehouse. this means checking in tomorrow to see if they found it, taking the stupid, uncomfortable and agravatingly slow trek back out there tomorrow or the next day and either picking up the lost one or purchasing another 30 dollar bar and lugging the brat home in the miserable weather. i am not looking forward to this. not one bit. it was almost the smoothest return from ikealand ever. what a botch we pulled this time.

in the wonderful world of knitting, i've finished mona's socks from interweave knits winter 2005, gotten about halfway through a kiri shawl for a friend and started some mittens for ben.

i placed some yarn orders shortly after the holidays and both came the same day. i went a little crazy with the knit picks (not a huge fan, but my wallet is), and ordered some lace weight from ami ami. the lace yarn is 1300 m per 100 g, and is a little difficult for this novice lace knitter. i'm knitting the frost flowers and leaves shawl from gol. it's going to be a beauty! pictures to come soon!


Blogger Mona strickt said...

So you finished the socks, eh? Too bad I cannot make it on Sunday, I will be in San Diego...but I would love to see them, of course!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Lee Ann said...

Hi, Jessi! I sat next to you for the whole meeting Sunday and never got your name, so I'm glad to read your blog and figure it out ;-) Also glad (well, sorry, too, because who would wish Ikea woes on anyone) to see that I am not the only person for whom Ikea is total love-hate. My husband and I try not to be in the same room together when one of us has to put together a piece of Ikea furniture ;-)

Your Knitpicks haul is just as gorgeous as you said. I'm weakening.

8:32 AM  

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