23 January 2006

sunday afternoon with montreal knits

what a turn out! incredible... almost overwhelming. i met many new and old members of the group and had a hard time actually working on my project (this is always the case). i did manage to start the thumbs of ben's mittens, and finished one at home later in the evening.
kiyoko from ami ami showed up with her wonderful wares and lovely japanese knitting magazines. i indulged (i neeeeeeed to stop) in some faith for veronik's short row hat and some beautiful ahs slub kasuri for a little shawl when i get the chance.
word at the meeting was that paisley's was expanding. hurrah!!! it would be wonderful for knitting in montreal to become more accessible and comfortable. i can't wait. this also puts no dampers on my yarn store ambitions. i don't want to walk blindly into such a retail operation, believe me, so more research will be done and compiled for the plan. look for a poll coming soon...

last friday ben was home sick. he ended up feeling better in the late afternoon, so we decided that we should go recuperate our missing bed piece. getting there was a blast (not- i got motion sick on the second of three legs :| ). we had a totally new ikea experience though. once inside it was calm and collected and made more sense. there were so few people in it i could see from display to display and had no problems navigating myself (and my stuff) between mid-aisle sales bins, etc. even the cafeteria had no line. it was: relaxing... we got our post and some curtain rods and walk-bus-metro-metro-walked home. definitely not as comfortable and efficient as the cab, but cheap. and put our bed together... which is nice, but hard. i'm not used to it. our foam matress has sides to keep it in instead of squishing under pressure... this may call for some feathers!


Anonymous Candi said...

I can post on yours.I put a link of yours on my blog. and i posted pics of us on there too...

Your a knitty witty!

7:07 AM  

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