10 February 2006

Go Team Canada!!

so i had my doubts... knitting olympics: 16 days to complete a challenge project was intriguing, buti honestly didn't have a project i could start today... i either didn't have the yarn, or i didn't have the equipment (needles, pattern, etc.). then iI realized (in my sleep) that i had some yarn i wanted to get rid of, and this might be a good chance to get it all done with. it's my first time working with cotton, and this is rowan's summer tweed, an aran weight cotton silk blend. and it just doesn't have the spring of wool. sigh... so it is entering the simple raglan cardi category of the olympics. 16 days and i hope it's done!

my other projects will be on hold until then. oh my, yes, it will probably breathe fresh air into a few of them (i hope it doesn't take the air out of others).

this is also good because i have realized that knitting is the perfect weight control tool, especially in the winter. it keeps food out of my hands. if you let yourself get a little hungry (especially after eating a meal) you lose weight. it's not anorexia, it's understanding that hunger is fat burning, and that you SHOULD understand that feeling. you'll know when it's right to eat, when your body wants versus when your body needs. i need that back, so i'm going to knit and keep knitting while thinking about whether i NEED food, or just kinda want it. i'm hoping to lose about 5 pounds a month for a few months, doing this, working out a little bit, and adding a few acceptable weight loss methods along the way (no late night eating, etc.)

these are the plans, lets see how they work!


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