06 February 2006

it's been a while

project load| medium high
sanity| calm to moderate
yarn addiction| mild fever and shakes
wallet| empty

my stats are not as bad as they have been, but no where near where they should be. not only have i spent too much money on recent projects, i have started so many that i am beginning to feel overwhelmed with completing any of them. after finishing the mermaid last year, i felt it was safe to cast on some smaller projects. since, i have made some socks, a hat, and a pair of latvian mittens. i've started another pair of latvian mittens, laid a never ending kiri shawl to the wayside for a while, started GOLs frost flowers and leaves in cobweb, started Eunny Jangs print o' the wave stole, begun designing a very sexy little tank top and started sketching out some definition to this lys dream of mine. none of these are near completion. i do a few rows/rounds on a few everyday. during the interesting parts, i run with a project longer, but my mind is constantly wandering to what i want to do next. the only thing that remains steadfast is my lys dream.

recently i took some steps towards making the dream a reality. i met with someone with more experience and things felt like they might gain momentum, but, alas, that route has been stopped in its tracks. i have not given up on montreal and my lys, however, and i hope to find new opportunities and make my way along this arduous path. i just try to stay level headed. i admit, owning and operating a lys is not for everyone, and most are not making a profit. montreal seems to have the space and the budding hand knit community, and that makes this goal of mine a little more glorious in my mind... but montreal is different. it is different in every sense of the way. the way this city operates both astounds and agonizes me. i guess, until i truly understand these nuances, my dream will most likely stay a dream.

but, i'm an optimistic person. and i'm ambitious. and i believe in myself and don't often let myself down.


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